Chill #08

I deliberately chose this café based on maps from Google. She ran to me as the best café in the area so I didn’t hesitate to visit her. In the past, we had the opportunity to see a café, which was located in the shop with cycling needs. Today it was no different. Nice cozy … Read review

40 zero

At lunch from Gordon, I went to this cafe So I used a google maps where what’s and popped up on my phone screen this business. I would start with an interior that I would say is retro modern. I don’t know what to imagine under this name, but the retro style with the elements … Read review


From teas to delicious coffee … How did I come to this place? I walk down the street and suddenly see a huge entrance. I peeped in and I see tea, tea, and only tea everywhere. Unfortunately I didn’t have so much time today, but at least I wanted to take a picture of it … Read review